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ACA Level 1-5: Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Update Course

Price: $239/person
Age Requirement: 18 or older
Prerequisites: A current ACA member in good standing


Call 303.988.2943 or
Dotsero, CO

This course is for those who are already certified as an ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, but need to complete an update course to maintain and renew their certification.

It is highly recommended that individuals flying in from out of state purchase travel insurance to safeguard against any unexpected trip interruptions or delays.

Locations, Dates, and Times:

All classes begin at 9am and end at ~5pm.

Colorado River, Dotsero, CO

Additional information available on our new website



ACA Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW)

Course Prerequisites: Class III paddling ability 
Course Duration: 40 hours
Course Location / Venue: Colorado River, Dotsero, CO
Class Ratio - 1 Instructor to every 5 students (1:5) / 3:15 with an additional qualified instructor 

ACA Requirement:
• Instructors shall be at least 18 years of age
• Maintain current ACA Membership and SEIC dues
• Maintain an appropriate level of First Aid and age appropriate CPR trainings

Day 1- Learning Theory

Learning Environment (30 minutes)
Learning Styles (Kolb’s Test) (1 hour)
How do people commonly learn? (5 minutes)
Revise lesson plan to include learning styles (30 minutes)
Present Revised Equipment Lesson Plan including learning styles (1hour)
Half Day Swiftwater Rescue Lesson
Knots (60 minutes)
 Anchors (30 minutes)
Wading (30 minutes)
Throw bagging in river (20 minutes)
Debrief and Group Feed Back Session (1hour)

Day 2 - Formal Presentation and Water Drills

Mechanical Advantage (1 hour)
Work together on Team teaching lesson (30 hour)
Present Team Teaching Lesson (2 hours)
Swimming (60 minutes)
Live bait (30 minutes)
V-lower (30 minutes)
Debrief and Group Feed Back Session (1hour)


Day 1 - Team Teaching and Scenarios (Custom fit day based on students needs)

Creating a Scenario lesson plan (1 Hour)
Lunch will be put into the middle of the following section
IT run Scenarios, practicum’s or challenge based on students needs
Group Feed Back Session
Home Work

Day 2 (ICE) Scenario Exams

Written Exam
Exam Review
Scenarios Testing (30 minutes each)
Group Feed Back Session
Individual Certification Meetings


What to bring:
-Lots of water
-Waterproof Sunscreen
-Lunch and Snacks
-Pen, paper and clip board
-Kayak, Raft IK or Canoe all with supplementary floatation
-Not everyone needs to bring a boat, they are primarily used for demonstrations
-Paddle equipment
-The water is very cold and you will be in it for long periods of time
-Warm layers (Drytop and pants, wetsuit, or drysuit recommended)
-Skull cap, gloves and good foot wear
-Warm dry clothing for when you are off the water

-Please email office to receive a copy of a scenario-planning worksheet and a lesson-planning worksheet.

-River Rescue Gear to bring:
-Rescue PFD w/tether
-Knife (one hand accessible)
-Whistle beadless
-Throw Bag (1 or more) At least 60’
-Carabineers (6 or more) At least 1 locking and wire gates recommended for non locking
-Prussic Loop (3 or more) 1/3 diameter cordelette 15” or 3 premade prussics in different lengths
-1" Tubular Webbing (1-8’length and 1-20’lenght)
-Pulley (at least 2)
-First Aid kit (must have Duct tape, Super glue, Benadryl and emergency space blanket)

Optional Items:
-Please bring anything you normally use or have invented
-Rescue books and knot books that you like
-Dry suit – Highly Recommended
-Breakdown Paddle (not everyone needs a spare paddle)
-Quick Air
-Static Line


Dotsero, CO

Open Directions (Google Maps)

From Denver: Take I-70 to the Dotsero exit (exit 133), about 130 miles. After taking the off ramp, turn right onto the frontage road going west for about 100 yards. The meeting place is in a dirt lot on the right of the road named Dotsero Landing, immediately before you get to the Colorado River. If you cross the river you've gone too far. The dirt parking lot is on the upstream side of the frontage road next to the river. This class begins at 9am.

Accommodations for classes held on the Colorado River

All hotels and campgrounds are based solely on proximity to the class.  We have no affiliation nor do we endorse any of the following hotels or campgrounds. We do not offer any accommodations.  Below are a few of the many option available.

Camping options near Dotsero, Co:
Deep Creek Camp Sites
Directions from Denver: Take I-70 Exit 133 at Dotsero and turn north onto County Road 301 (Colorado River Road). Follow for approximately 2.5 miles. Turn at the National Forest Access sign onto Deep Creek Road. Go through private property for the first 2 miles until enter BLM. Campsites are marked along the road, as well as walk-in sites at the Coffeepot trailhead. White River National Forest access is further up the road. Be careful of trucks on road. Located 4.5 miles from Dotsero, CO

Upper Colorado River-Lyons Gulch Camp Site
Directions from Denver: Take I-70 Exit 133 at Dotsero and turn north onto County Road 301 (Colorado River Road). Follow road for 3.8 miles until site on right side with two parking areas. Located 4 miles from Dotsero, CO

Hotels options near Dotsero, Co:
The Hotel Glenwood Springs - Great for kids
52000 Two Rivers Plaza Rd
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
(970) 928-8188

Holiday Inn Express Hotel Eagle
0075 Pond Road Eagle, CO 81631
(970) 328-8088

AmericInn Lodge & Suites Eagle
0085 Pond Road Eagle, CO 81631
(800) 634-3444


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