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Must Know Kayaking Basics (Lesson #1)

Price: $60/person
Age Requirement: 16 or accompanied by an adult
Prerequisites:  Able to swim and have fun

Call 303.988.2943 or
Golden Community Center, Golden, CO

This class teaches students the beginning skills and starts the process for mastering the roll.  The most important skill to learn is the wet exit.  The wet exit is easy and fun, especially in a swimming pool.  It is the first and most essential skill to kayaking and to learning the kayak roll.  A good wet exit builds self confidence and a relaxed state of mind, both that are necessary for a great kayak roll.  Next are the four fundamentals: posture, rotation, tilt and shoulder safety. These essential skills provide the building blocks for your kayaking future. We finish the evening with the introduction to the bow rescue, a method of rolling upright with the assistance of your partner.

Locations, Dates and Times:



Golden Community Recreation Center - Golden, Colorado

Fridays, 5pm - 7pm

Pool class will start at the Golden pool beginning Friday, January 13th. Our new time slot will be 5pm - 7pm. Courses will be up on our website by the end of the month. 


Pool Lesson #1:

Equipment sizing
Kayak outfitting
Wet Exit
Paddle Introduction
Four Fundamentals
Introduction to Hip Snap and Bow Rescue


We provide all the necessary equipment needed for the class.  All you need to bring is a swimsuit and towel. Please bring a rash guard or other warm, non-cotton, layers that you can get wet if you tend to run cold. Kayaking-specific nose plugs and goggles are helpful if you have them.


Golden, CO

Open Directions (Google Maps)

1470 10th St, Golden, CO ‎

Enter through the metal gate on right side of the building (southwest side)
with your kayak.

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