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Kayak Lessons

Single day kayak lessons are a great way to get into the sport of kayaking! If you are like us and love to play outdoors in the Colorado sunshine we understand your summer schedule can fill up fast. Our solution, take it day by day! Progress your kayaking abilities at your leisure with one of our six single day kayak lessons. Join us for yet another day of fun in the sun!

  • Lesson 1 - Introduction to River Kayaking

    First things first, this is where we teach you the basic skills that create the foundation for the rest of your paddling career. The setting is calm flat water of the scenic Dotsero Lake or Chatfield Reservoir looking out at the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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  • Lesson 2 - Fundamentals of Kayaking

    Getting a taste of whitewater and beautiful scenery, that is what this class offers. With the other worldly juniper studded sandstone canyon walls as a backdrop you learn how to maneuver your kayak in moving water.

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  • Lesson 3 - River Kayaking

    Lock it in. This course is intended to take what you learned the first day on the river and solidify it. Depending on the group comfort level this class can either repeat the same section of river that we do the first day or step it up a notch and paddle through the stunning Glenwood Canyon.

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  • Lesson 4 - Essentials of River Safety and Rescue

    For the excited and adventurous paddler, it's time to push your ability to the next level, and hone your skills to do it safely. We start by practicing harder moves and working to perfect your skills as well as go into greater depth of technique and theory.

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  • Lesson 5 - Whitewater Kayaking Adventure

    For the committed paddler, we're going to take you all the way. This is where it all comes together, water, skills and safety. The river trip will be run by the students while a highly qualified instructor facilitates good decision making skills.

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  • 5 Day Beginner River Kayaking Series (Lessons 1-5)

    The ultimate in learning to kayak whitewater, in this series you will go from zero to hero (Whitewater Kayaker). This five day intensive course includes all of our beginner classes from basics in the lake to the finer points of style and safety on the river.

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  • Beginner Sea and Recreational Kayaking

    Open up another whole world of kayaking. Touring in a kayak is one of the most exciting ways to explore the world. Whether you want to paddle around the lakes of Colorado, small islands in the Caribbean or the inside passage of Alaska sea kayaking is the way to go.

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