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Refreshing River Safety

Reviewing your Swiftwater Safety!


Looks like we have been lucky enough to reach the greatly heralded spring snow storms! With every new storm our chances of having a healthy whitewater season increase, so keep up those snow dances!

Most likely the spring runoff will come in like a cheetah chasing a gazelle. Since most of us were not lucky enough to have spent the winter paddling in Costa Rica or another exotic venue we might be a bit rusty on our safety. Here is a great video series which outlines some of the keys to successful swiftwater safety! Video.

After a long day of shredding the deep and steep of our soon to be amazing spring runoff, take a minute to review your swiftwater safety. When was the last time that you took a swiftwater safety class? Has it been more than a couple of years? How often do you get together with your friends to practice?

Spend a night or two going over the fundamentals of swiftwater safety:

1)      Check your gear – Do you have the entire necessary gear ready in your paddling gear?

2)      How about your scene safety? Do you remember what to look for and how to manage a scene?

3)      How are your knots? Do you remember how to tie all of the knots that you need to know for a rescue situation? Can you tie them after holding your bare hands in cold water for a couple of minutes?


These are just a few simple exercises that you could do to help you prepare for the soon to come spring runoff and kayaking season. The Colorado runoff is cold and fast, situations can turn form fun to epic story in a matter of seconds. Make sure that you are fresh and ready to use all of those skills that you learned in your last swiftwater rescue course. When was that by the way?  More than two years ago? You should really take a refresher. Remember that your life depends on your paddling partner’s ability to save you, how much do your paddling friends remember?

If you would like to experience the greatest swiftwater rescue/safety class in the Denver area check this out /kayak-lessons/river-safety-and-rescue-classes/aca-swiftwater-rescue-clinic/

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