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A Day in Costa Rica Kayaking

What is it like kayaking in Costa Rica?

Well for starters you have to wake up. When on vacation it is always hard to get up in a warm and beautiful place full of exotic birds and wonderful people. Once you are up it is time for the amazing Mi Tierra world renowned breakfast and oh that sweet Costa Rican coffee.Costa Day Breakfast

After a brief time hanging out at the wonderful Mi Tierra it is off to the river somewhere. Interesting thing about Costa Rica is that all of the rivers are rain fed and so the levels can change daily. Unlike Colorado kayaking when you know that you have a certain window for rivers and then you can plan, in Costa Rica it is a daily or every other day decision. Of course under the amazing guidance of the Costa Rican whitewater guru Cacho and owner of Hotel Mi Tierra you can really never go wrong.

Load up the rig and head out for some always adventurous driving and time with the locals on the back roads of Costa Rica.Costa Driving 

With countless rivers and more being kayaked every year in Costa Rica there is really something for everyone. There are many great and scenic class 1 and 2 rivers with bountiful wildlife along the jungle filled banks.Class 2-3

To bump your skills up a bit more there are wonderful clear water class 3 sections that will keep you on your toes and bring you to even more remote and wonderful locations throughout Costa Rica. For the solid kayaker there are plenty of amazing and breathtaking class 4 and 5 sections on multiple rivers.Class 4 Kayaking Costa

Whatever your skill level there is a section and a river for you to fill your soul with the great bliss of kayaking in the wonderful Costa Rican mountains and jungles. For those who can keep their beach edge up the kayak surfing in Costa Rica is absolutely phenomenal and the home of the world championships in 2009.

After a great drive through the wonders of Costa Rica it is time to jump in your kayak and head out on the water on a section that truly meets your skill level or with the accompaniment of your amazing Renaissance Adventure Guide maybe push your limits a bit. After a long day of kayaking of course you have to fill your belly with some more wonderful food from the local establishments, luckily for everyone Cacho always knows the best places to eat that will not take away from your next day if you know what I mean.Eating out

The rivers of Costa Rica are breathtaking and full of adventure at every turn. The wildlife is of the likes that you will never see in Colorado.Frog

At the end of a long day you can always hang out at hotel Mi Tierra and practice your roll or work on your Spanish, or investigate the great culture of Alajuela Costa Rica!


I hope you enjoyed this day in the life of the Costa Rica trip, please come and join us in this amazing place in the future. In addition to whitewater kayaking in Costa Rica we also do sea kayaking adventures and kayak surfing adventures. New this year to the Costa Rica line up of fun is Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding.


Be safe have fun and travel at every chance!

Written by: Marcus RhodenHill Guide/Instructor.

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