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Customized, Multi-Sport, and SUP Adventures

Price: $1,875 per person for Double Occupancy
(Additional $300 for “Single Occupancy”)

Price Includes: Lodging, Meals, Transportation, Paddling Equipment if needed, and extracurricular activities

Not Included: Airfare, airport departure tax, medical or travel insurance, guide gratuities

Prerequisites: Everyone is welcome to join this trip.

Imagine cruising through the tops of the jungle canopy, whitewater rafting warm waters, or Stand Up Paddleboarding in beutiful lakes. Our multi-sport packages offers a little bit of everything to make your vacation spectacular from adventure sports to chocolate, coffee, and pineapple tours, we have it all.

If the weeks above do not work for your schedule, please call to schedule a time that works for you.



Remember that everything you bring to Costa Rica is liable to get damp at sometime. Books do not do well in tropical climates, so bring only what you really need. Clothes are also vulnerable and for backcountry travel in particular 100% cotton clothes can rot surprisingly quickly. They also don't dry out after washing, sometimes for days, and then start to mold. Blends of cotton and synthetics such as nylon work well, and clothes made of one of the new all nylon fabrics work even better though, they are a little less comfortable, having in “artificial feel” to them. Also, though you may not anticipate wearing long sleeved shirts or long pants because of the heat, you may need them to protect from biting insects were exposure to the sun.

Shoes and Sandals
Socks (Stay away from cotton.  Once they get wet, they will never dry out)
Underwear/pajamas (great to have when rooming with other people) 
Quick-dry shorts
Long Pants (light enough to wear even when it is hot and you want to avoid chiggers and mosquitoes)
Button-down, short-sleeved or T- shirts (loose and breathable)
Long-sleeved shirt (loose and breathable)
A fleece jacket or pullover
A light rain Jacket or pullover
Hat (Great for shade)


Waterproof sunscreen
Insect repellent
Toiletries and medication 
Small towel
Flash light or head lamp
Water bottle (preferably a filtration type)
Copies of your passport (You do not need to carry your passport on you all the time, as long as you have a copy with you)
Drivers License
Money/Credit cards
Plane tickets
Super light sleeping bag (optional)


The plumbing in most parts of Costa Rica isn't strong enough to flush toilet paper. Attempting to do so will usually result in an immediate clog. To avoid backing-up every toilet you grace, dispose of used paper in the small basket beside the toilet. I believe in the entire country of Costa Rica there is only one modern sewer plant. The rest of the country uses leach fields or at least that's what I hope. Either way the rule in Costa Rica is if it's not body waste, don’t flush it.


Most showers have a small electric showerhead that heats the water as it comes out. The higher you turn the pressure the colder the shower will be. The running joke is that they are suicide showers because you see the wires coming out of the showerhead leading along the wall. They work best if you like a low-pressure long shower.


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